Ward W.

Who Am I?

Back in the early 2000s, I did a tour of duty at Boeing as a Japanese interpreter of kaizen and Toyota Production Systems. When I returned to software engineering, I took my insights and applied them to the then emerging discipline of agile software. At Boeing, I introduced scrum, test-driven development, and continuous integration to my division, and then actively evangelized it throughout the enterprise before leaving for Amazon.

Since then, both as software engineer and product manager, I have — from the ground up — been both creating experiences and developing the teams and processes that build them.

I am looking for a team that wants, and a culture that supports, multi-dimensional contributors such as myself.


To learn more about the experiences that I have helped design and build, please take a look at my portfolio.

And if you want to learn more about my career and educational experiences, but with a bit less prose, please refer to my LinkedIn profile or even peruse my GitHub account .

You can also check out my photography portfolio if you are interested in seeing how I spend some of my spare time.