Ward W.

Hi! I'm Ward.

I believe I will make a great addition to your team.

I am a bit of a technical mutt, as it were, with experiences spanning as an aerospace engineer, technical Japanese interpreter of lean practices, software engineer, technical program and product manager, and now director of engineering.

I am life-long learner with three advanced degrees in engineering; I do not believe in being "a hammer looking for nails," but in learning to use the right tools for the job, whatever they may be.

At the heart of it all, I love to create things that make a difference. I am not interested in technical challenges in and of themselves. Such challenges simply offer a means to solve human problems .

Interested in talking? I know I am.

Let's Talk!

More About Me

Starting in my early childhood — painted, as it was, by the phosphorescent glow of the television broadcasts of NASA Voyager's reaching Jupiter and beyond — I dreamt of orbital mechanics and exploring outer-space. After a detour (or three) to Japan, my aspirations of a PhD and of working at JPL were replaced with dreams of becoming a technical bridge between the US and Japan. It has been an interesting journey ever since.

At the heart of the many transitions I have made over the years is a genuine desire to connect with people through technology, rather than to focus solely on technology. Technology matters, but only as long as it is helping solve real-world problems. It is not about products or even solutions, it is about the experience.

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My passions are not just centered on the visual aesethic of an experience, but are holistic and encompass the entire user flow. I believe the real challenge is in taking a complex problem and boiling it down to the solution at its most basic and rarefied form: think simple, not simplistic.

Similar to my passion to bring the best possible experience to my customers, I believe the same applies to the team making those experiences. It is about creating processes and infrastructure that respect the people using them. We only have so much time in our day, we need to focus on bringing value to the things we create, not just moving around bits.

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